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Amorim Auto Sales, Inc.
Call us: (508) 880-7958 
 Who is "Amorim Auto Sales, Inc."
Amorim Auto Sales, Inc. Is an established corporation and incorporated on November 20, 1995. As a long established business in the used automotive trade we have aquired many happy customers over the years.

It is our goal to provide all our clients with quality service and provide quality vehicles for their transportation needs.

We can and will finance anyone over eighteen years of age with no established credit or any one with good or substandard credit.

All we require is proof of income and proof of residence with a modest down payment. 

We will also provide weekly by-weekly or monthly payments in a budget to fit your needs.

When the banks tell you your income is too low to provide you a car loan, we will if the payment fits your budget.

If we don't have what you are looking for we will help you find it Just provide us with the requirements you desire with a refundable deposit if we can't fulfill your requirements with an agreed timeline.

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